The history of Dutch earthenware ceramic dates back to the 15th century and their original inspiration descends from Italian majolica. They represent the Dutch pottery tradition; from the 17th century famous tile studios were located mainly in Delft, Utrecht and Rotterdam, obtained prestigious commissions to decorate many palaces in northern and eastern Europe.

Tiles often represent a central motif on a specific topic. The most common are: children's games, flowers, animals, landscapes, boats, and biblical scenes. These tiles are also characterized by the presence of a repeated pattern in the four corners.

Tiles that we offer are handmade and hand-painted with the same traditional techniques as the Dutch tiles of the 17th  and 18th centuries. They are often used in restoration projects as they have the same appearance as the original antique tiles.

Dimensions: most of tiles can be made in 13 x 13 or 15 x 15 cm, border tiles 5 x 15 or 7,5 x 15 cm, stair risers according to needs.

All tiles are made to order.