Terakota využitie


Terracotta is a natural and ecological product. It is a type of ceramic, made of fired clay, porous and usually unglazed. It is a very good heat conductor, suitable for underfloor heating, perspirable, while good isolator and humidity regulator.

Terracotta tiles are waterproof, resistant to weathering and UV radiation. It retains ability to breathe at low porosity and maintains its high decorative value. A proper treatment provides high resistance to moisture and stains. It can be used in residential as well as administrative buildings, interiors and exteriors. Terracotta allows fast and easy installation and undemanding care and maintenance.

Our offer includes machine processed terracotta tiles with homogeneous colour and texture, as well as unique hand made terracotta with its typical color varations and imperfections in the same piece of tile and between tiles of the same production lot - the artisan answer to industrial production.

Terracotta tiles are quite suitable for traditional residental projects, as well as modern concepts, administrative and industrial projects, historical renovations, sacral architecture, wine cellars and outdoor spaces, restaurants, staircases, etc.

Alike hand-painted tiles and cement tiles, also terracotta can be arranged to create a beautiful patterned surfaces, or specific designes upon request.