využitie zelligeIn traditional form, zellige is typically a series of patterns utilizing colorful geometric shapes, as it is still widely used especially in the north Africa and Middle East.

For modern installations the most commonly used shape is a basic square and some simple special shapes which allows to come out the immense variety of colors, which makes them much more vivid and authentic than the uniform, repetitive industrial tile, that seeks perfection in accuracy. Very common and charming is a monochromatic use, following fine and delicate interplay of varying tones, since terracotta base push through its shade over all color glazes.

Very favoured are also hexagons resembling shape of honeycomb, then shape fan (fish scale), combination of star and cross, interlacing and interlocking pattern alhambra, as well as others.

Zellige tiles can be used in many ways to decorate any surface, for example walls, floors, stair risers, fireplaces, as well as fountains, pools and spas. It is very popular for the kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, table tops and garden tables.

Thanks to its luster and the play of light and shade, it can be used also for places which need to stand out, for example in hallways, around the mirrors etc. Mostly it is used for the walls, but it is equally well usable also for the floors.