These collections of traditional tiles are depicting typical designs, motifs and artistic elements of the 17th and 18th century, and some of them are the contemporary reinterpretation of period styles. Dominant colours of this period are alternately combinations of blue, yellow, manganese and green.

Layout, composition and number depends on your needs and preferences. Displayed panels serve as suggestions, can be variously combined and tiles are sold in pieces.

Dimensions: Tiles 14 x 14 cm, Border tiles 7 x 14 cm, Corners 7 x 7 cm

Traditional practical use - kitchen backsplashes, tabletops etc.

Decorative use - mirror frames, facing of stoves and fireplaces, hotels and guest houses with elements of folk architecture, restaurants and wine cellars, front desks, wall panels and others.

Tiles are made to order.


Imagine every wall as an immense sheet of blank paper. Now, imagine you have at your disposal several sets of 25 tiles from a selected theme, that you can mix as you wish. This is the Traditional Patchwork concept, which allows you to think every project square by square, multiplying the possibilities of making each space unique.