If you are interested in a particular design, please send us an email to info@pitoreska.sk with the following information and we will send you a quote:

  • design code
  • quantity - sqm or number of boxes (per 0,6 m2)
  • contact data (name / company, address, Business ID / VAT ID)

Layout options are wide and design colours can be customized according to your needs. For larger or more complex projects we can help you with your visualization and calculation for a deductible fee. In case of interest please visit or contact us, we will be happy to help you with your order.

You can see our cement tiles also "live" in our shop in Bratislava on Račianska street n. 9.

Minimum order and delivery time

The most common size 20 x 20 x 1,6 cm is in boxes per 0.6 sqm (15 pieces).

Minimum order is 3,6 sqm and delivery time 6 - 8 weeks. Various models can be combined. You can choose your pattern and colour combination from our catalogue or personalize it in our simulator.

If you need more information, please let us know, we will be pleased to help you.



Not all cement tiles are created equally. Cement tiles are typically handmade in small factories and workshops and therefore conditions, materials and quality control vary significantly from company to company. Pitoreska puts a great emphasis to bring you the best quality cement tiles at affordable price.

If you are selecting and comparing this tiles across companies, here are some areas to watch out for, as they indicate quality problems:

  • varying thicknesses of tile that makes it hard to lay as a flat surface (lack of consistency in production process)
  • pattern is blurry (sloppy work with a pigment and weaker skill)
  • major variations within the same color (inaccurate measuring or poor quality of color pigment)
  • lifeless, dull or unclean colours (low quality of colour pigments or less refined material - rough grain)
  • chipping around the edges (weak mixture or poor quality control)
  • crumbly on the back side - weak tile (inconsistent hydraulic pressure or improper mixture)
  • a small number of colours used, poor colour range and thus low colour variety, pointing out the (im)maturity of the manufacturer

Serious invisible problems are:

  • quality and composition of the pigments – a high-quality tiles use mineral pigments. Non-mineral pigments fade over time and with routine wear noticeably. Similarly, cheap pigments accelerate fading.
  • incorrect ratio of cement to sand - without the right ratio, the tile will not be strong and durable,
  • improper curing in production at the factory which reduces quality.