Cement tile is a flooring with character, of great quality, outstanding for its clear, bright finishes, excellent ageing process, elegance and nobility. The variety of colors, the matt finish, and the soft silky texture are characteristics that make this tiles absolutely unique. No two tiles are exactly identical. It has never been possible to create an industrialized product that can substitute for this handmade tile. If you're looking for something unique for your project, we strongly recommend our cement tiles, they are really beautiful! You can also see them displayed in our store.


Cement tiles are typical especially for the ability to create many designs, limited only by imagination. They draw from the rich artistic and cultural tradition. Besides their elegance and authenticity, many motifs are often very playful and admirably imaginative. We offer dozens of different designs and motifs from each style (with more than 1200 available).

In the next categories we present selected favourite patterns, some in several colour variations. If you happen to not find the right one among them, try our simulator below, where you will find many more.


You can personalize your cement tiles by combining colours and patterns with our online SIMULATOR.