Single layer tiles

výroba cementovej dlažby

These exceptional single layer cement tiles were born from many years of hand-crafted mastery made by people who know how to mould and work on a lifeless stone, giving it life and warmth.

Each piece is a unique result of the work of skillful hands: a precious uniqueness that shows palpable signs of the liveliness of the homemade process through every single shade and change of tone. It is made to liven up the spaces of your life, making your thoughts, desires and passions its main characters.

The colour range is made up of 21 colours and an infinite range of custom colours (for realization refer to the RAL colour card; please note that not all the colours are reproducible).

Colors are light-resistant, tiles have excellent resistance to wear and flexure, and also exceptional thermal characteristics. Finished pavement is easy to clean. Tiles are suitable for indoor floor and wall covering.

Cement tiles are pruduced as untreated (to be treated after laying, including optional wax treatment) or treated with acrylic sealing finish.






cementova dlazba






* Size available by request - minimum 60 m2 per order.

Plain colors