ručne maľované kachličky - výroba


The tiles are made of potter's clay, fired in a kiln and then hand-decorated. Each tile is individually decorated and hand-painted by artistic craftsmen. Most of patterns and motifs are painted by hand; also stencils are sometimes used for geometric patterns. The final tile can be unglazed, glazed (with painting on a dry surface) or fired twice (with painting on a glazed surface).

In some cases the semi-artisan manufacturing by extrusion is used, which allows to produce pieces with reliefs and surface structures that are being painted afterwards. This leads to a certain effects, which are not possible in plain tiles.

The diversity of patterns and motifs, which are either soberly coloured or richly painted, is also represented by panels, pictures, patchworks, and many other forms, in either classic or contemporary style. The technical procedure used in the production of these tile panels is still the traditional painting on raw glaze, which confers on it all the authenticity of traditional art but with a contemporary application.


ručne maľované kachličky




Hand painted tiles can be used in many environments...