Glazed terracotta

To bring together new combinations of classic taste and the most modern materials may seem unconventional but this unusual style and ceramic production techniques is defined by a versatility completely different from the traditional. It is the entirely handmade technique which guarantees the variety of shapes and dimensions and undeniable place in the heart of modern design.
Terracotta tiles are made of live material. The clay dough, coloured or left with its natural red and yellow nuances, is hand squeezed by a wooden loom and made into several forms and dimensions. The surfaces are flattened and the moulding adjustments are the practice of handmade steps which will last forever, thanks to the drying up and afterwards cooking the ceramic inside of the "fornaci". These handmade gestures ensure that each ceramic is a unique piece, defined by inimitable gestures and imperfection.

Glazed terracotta series is significant not only for its wide range of vibrant colours, in glossy or matte finish, but also for a minimalistic line of coloured clays in soft earthy tones. Hand-made production of multiple formats and sizes is capable to meet any request, including special pieces (listels, borders, etc.), decorative tiles or steps.


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