Style is usually intangible and often impossible to imitate. Imagine the finest interior you have ever seen - you don't admire it for the blatantly designer items, or for the perfection calculated to the limit. It's rather something intangible, what makes you feel good and relaxed.

Terracotta combines ancient tradition with a modern civilization into a single unit. It will satisfy customers with its unique design, richness of products and matching the beauty of nature with home design. Terracotta provides your place with a nature warmth, a return to the origins in an absolutely modern way.

The variety of these tiles can match every home and style. The design is noticeably influenced by the Mediterranean environment where it originated. Remarkable is colour intensity, but not overexposed style. The collection consists of several shapes and types derived from the method of production - it's a classic, modern, rustic and antique style. You will also find exceptionally innovative environmental solutions among them. High quality raw materials anticipate durability.