Terracotta combines ancient tradition with a modern civilization into a single unit. It will satisfy customers with its unique design, richness of products and matching the beauty of nature with home design. It provides your place with a nature warmth, a return to the origins in an absolutely modern way.

The variety of these tiles can match every home and style. The design is noticeably influenced by the Mediterranean environment where it originated. Remarkable is colour intensity, but not overexposed style. The collection consists of several shapes and types derived from the method of production - it's a classic, modern, rustic and antique style. You will also find exceptionally innovative environmental solutions among them. High quality raw materials anticipate durability.

Terracotta is a natural and ecological product. It is a porous type of ceramic, usually unglazed, made of fired clay. It is a good thermal conductor, suitable for underfloor heating and a good insulator and humidity regulator at the same time. Terracotta tiles are waterproof, resistant to weathering and UV radiation, which means that they do not deteriorate with aging. On the contrary, they naturally age very beautifully. It is equally suitable for residential and office buildings, indoors and outdoors. It enables quick and easy installation and maintenance.

We offer mass-produced terracotta as well as handmade terracotta paving and cladding, with a wide and unique application for traditional country houses and mansions, modern residential spaces, administrative and industrial-style spaces, historic buildings, wine cellars, courtyards, terraces and staircases, restaurants, swimming pools, sacred buildings and more.

Handmade and decorative collections are especially suitable for high-end houses, villas and residences, restaurants, hotels, resorts, cultural and sports centers, clubs and historical buildings. Decorative motifs can also be created according to the customer's ideas and requirements, for example wine cellar labels, coats of arms, etc.

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