Classic terrazzo tiles

terrazzo tiles mosaic

 In your search for elegant, subtle and creative floor tiles, you can not go wrong with terrazzo - decades of manual craftmanship, individual adjustments and a wide range of special pieces like borders, listels, wall tiles, mosaics, sinks and counter-tops are a matter of course.

Terrazzo tiles are produced in three different finishes - polished, matt and textured (antique) - without final protective treatment.

Single layer terrazzo tiles are made entirely out of the marble chips mixture with overall thickness of 12 to 17 mm (depends on the size of the tile).

Double layer terrazzo tiles are 22 to 35 mm thick (depends on the size of the tile). The bottom concrete layer is topped with marble chips mixture.

Decorative tiles are produced the same way as cement tiles - hand-poured mixtures into the traditional molds.

Due to hand-made production two tiles of the same colour can slightly vary in colour tone (specifically plain tiles and decorative tiles), maintaining the overall colour harmony (marble chips mixture for the decorative tiles is of different composition than the one for the plain tiles, even if the color is the same). These tiny imperfections and variations are a significant quality mark for all hand-made products.



Single layer terrazzo tiles

jednovrstvove terrazzo formaty








* Available for minimum quantity 200 m2. Sizes 25x25x1,3 and 40x40x1,7 are available even in less amount in selected colours: t078, t083, t093, t096, t111.

Colours f301 - f310 are available in sizes 40x40x2 cm and 60x60x2 cm, also 100x100x3 and 120x120x3 cm depending on the final finish. It is possible to add additional marble chips of different colour in the mixture upon request.

Double layer terrazzo tiles

dvojvrstvove terrazzo formaty








* Available for minimum quantity 300 m2.