Installation and Maintenance

How to install cement tiles properly - these easy steps must be followed precisely to achieve best results. Subsequent repairs are quite difficult.


Installation of the cement tiles is specific in several ways and proceeded in three steps:

  • tile installation
  • grouting
  • sealing

Properly installed tiles create resistant and easy to maintain surface of unique charm and timeless beauty.

cementová dlaždica


Technical specifications

Cement tiles have excellent resistance to wear and flexure and also exceptional thermal characteristics. They are fire-resistant, 100% recyclable and nonslippery.

Tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor floor and wall covering, from residential spaces to heavy duty floors.


Store the unopened boxes in a dry place. Do not let them get wet. Untreated tiles could be easily damaged by moisture (sealer is apllied after installing as a final treatment preventing the tiles to absorb moisture).


General information

Before the indoor installation let the tiles to acclimatize in the particular space.

Handle the tiles carefuly to avoid scratches on the surface and damage of the edges.

Cement-based tiles can have residue stains on the surface due to production process, these will vanish during the installation and treatment process.

It is recomended to wipe the back of the tiles with a wet sponge before the installation to get rid of the cement dust, so the tiles would adhere properly.

Cement tiles are quite unique hand made product,  two pieces of the same design may not be exactly the same. Therefore it is recomended to mix the tiles out of different boxes while installing, these small differences will not be noticable after final treatment.

Tiles must be installed on a well levelled, clean and dry surface. Humid subsoil will cause fur deposits on the tile's surface. Do not install the pavement under extremely hot weather or direct sun.


Cement tiles must be installed on a well levelled, clean and dry surface. Humid subsoil will cause fur deposits on the tile's surface.

Apply the adhesive evenly on the surface, using a large-toothed comb trowel. Also apply adhesive on the back of the tile for a better adhesion and correction of slightly varying tile thickness.

Position the tiles with your hands – without hammering – leaving a thin gap (1 or 2 mm, thickness of a filling-knife) for the joint. A thicker gap should be used with under-floor heating and outdoor installation (min 2mm).

Make sure all tiles are perfectly leveled.

Clean off immediately any adhesive or mortar left on the face of the tiles while it is fresh.

Once tiles are installed and the cement adhesive is dry, clean the surface by scrubbing it and clean with water. It will remove the thin layer of pigmented dust that can still cover the tiles.



Use white or light grey grout only. Never use dyed or dark grout; pigments from the joint might stain the tiles irreversibly.

Humidify the tile surface well before grouting. Fill the gap between the tiles using a filling-knife, without spreading the cement joint filler on tiles.

The cement grout surplus must be cleaned immediately with a wet cloth/sponge, it must not dry on the tile surface. That means gradually after grouting every 8-10 tiles clean off excess completely with a wet sponge.

Never use acid (cement dissolver) to remove the excess or stains of cement joint filler.


Treatment with sealer

The sealer is applied after the installation of the cement tiles, over a clean and dry floor.

Sealer is a solvent based solution that limits water and oil penetration. It impregnates the tile, protects it and keeps its natural matt aspect.

It must be applied with a brush or a roller on a dry and clean surface. One or more successive applications until the tile is saturated. You may buff with a fine cloth to give it an even distribution.

Do not apply too much. The excess would leave glistening stains on the surface (brush traces). Wipe the excess out with a clean cloth.

Always try the sealer on a loose tile before applying it on the entire surface, in order to measure the grade of absorption of the tiles.



Clean the tiles with natural PH neutral soap and water. Never clean with harsh detergents, acid or alkaline.

The toughest stains can be smoothed out by scrubbing with an abrasive like Scotch Brite and/or a solvent (White Spirit).

The regular use of wax (for marble) enhances the colours and protects the cement tiles.

Heavy duty floors may require special protection and attention on a daily maintenance (e.g. bars, restaurants, etc.).

In hallways and frequented places, sweeping or dust mopping regularly will protect your floor by removing the abrasive dust parts that may cause wear. The use of properly sized walk-off mats at entrances will also help.



These installation guidelines are highly recommended. Pitoreska takes no responsibility for damage due to incorrect installation. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before cutting or installing the cement tiles.


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