1. First, you need to pick a main decor theme and preferred size for your tiles from the top left row.
2. Choose a pattern that you want to paint. Please scroll down for more patterns.
3. If you know the pattern number, you can also insert it directly to the "Choose a reference" frame at the top left corner of the pattern gallery and confirm by Enter.
4. During the colouring first pick a colour from the palette, then use it to fill in the selected part of the pattern.
5. You can transfer your coloured pattern into the automatic preview selecting the "Visualize in 3D"...
...or you can create your own small floor plan, using even multiple patterns, by:
6. Clicking on the "Create your floor" and click (transfer) your pattern onto its individual fields.
7. Use round arrow "Rotate the tile" before laying it, if necessary.
8. You can also select and paint other patterns and combine them on the same virtual floor. Previously used patterns are stored at the upper right row and you can go back to them.
Of course, you can save your personalized tile design or 3D floor visualization to you computer.