Nowadays, you will find real luxury in simplicity, authenticity and understanding of aesthetics as a culture. Design represents identity. We are born and live in a particular cultural environment. Therefore imagination, creativity and design are influenced by quite specific historical, cultural and environmental factors.

Our team in pitoreska.sk offers you outstanding tiles collections, that bring out the very best of contemporary design, with a unique style inherited from the classic tradition. Of course, developing new collections ment trying out new raw materials and applying new technologies. All this allowed to create original, innovative projects that blend aesthetic and functional elements.

You will find a wide range of decorative wall and floor coverings in this section, that could easily enhance a natural charm of any room. From the most traditional on the one side, to the most modern on the other - all made to create a genuine atmosphere as desired.

Thanks to its undeniable advantages in terms of technical characteristics such as resistance to pressure and wear and easy maintenance, ceramic tiles are appropriate sollution anywhere - including heavy duty spaces and outdoors.

Please take a look at the following collections with more specific informations. We are ready to help you out with your projects or requests, so please do not hesitate to contact us.