Traditional terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles Classic

 Terakotová dlažba Classic

Terracotta tiles Classic are a hand made product, suitable for renovations as well as new projects, both indoor and outdoor spaces. Tiles have smooth and even surface with mostly red colouring, although the colour varies due to the used material, type of furnace and actual firing. Available sizes are: 16x16 / 20x20 / 25x25 / 30x30 cm. Thickness: 1,8 cm. It is possible to install the tiles using flexible adhesive. It is also recomended to check the position of the tiles and gaps between (usually 5 mm) to eliminate the imperfections in shape. Tiles can be cut with diamond wheel (wet or dry).

Terracotta tiles Heritage


lomená biela ružová lomená biela plamenná plamenná červená oranžová
Antique white Rose Antique white blazed Blazed Red Orange

Terracotta tiles Heritage have specific old weatherworn look with rounded edges. Tiles are produced from cleared clay and therefore suitable for interiors only. Available sizes: 10x10 / 12x12 / 14x14 / 16x16 cm. Thickness: 2 cm. Available colours are displayed above, but it is possible to produce mid-shades or different shades of the colours mentioned.

Hexagonal terracotta tiles Heritage


šesťuholníková dlažba oranžová šesťuholníková dlažba červená šesťuholníková dlažba plamenná
Orange Red Blazed

Hexagonal terracotta tiles provide charming and cozy atmosphere to any space. These hand made tiles are usually available in two diameters: 14 or 16 cm, but it is possible to produce tiles in different size upon request. Thickness: 2 cm. Available colours are displayed among square Heritage tiles above, with the same possibility of different shades. Installation of the hexagonal tiles is not difficult and the specific shape makes the imperfections easy to correct.