Tuscan terracotta tiles

Modern production of the Tuscan terracotta tiles represents a new take on the ancient Tuscan traditions and architecture. Preserving the highlights, like frost resistance and durability and moving on towards modern design and application diversity. This collection offers traditional Tuscan terracotta tiles in several finishes, produced in two ways - machine processed or hand made.

Terracotta tiles are suitable both for the indoor and outdoor spaces, they feel warm and calm. The natural surface is not slippery, pleasant for the bare feet and unbeatable by any other paving material in terms of thermal regulation.

Several series are offering a wide production range of different shapes and sizes of terracotta tiles (listels, rectangles, squares, hexagons, octagons), with many special pieces as well (drainage elements, stairs, pool edges, plinths and garden furniture). We will gladly provide you with detailed specification upon request.